Saturday, June 9, 2012

Learning a new skill

Memorial Day weekend is my annual trip to Camp Barakel to work in the kitchen at Family Camp.
This year I decided it was time to learn more about my new camera...actually it is not new.
 I have had it since August of 2011. I just have not taken the time to use it much. It takes more work than my 'point and shoot'  camera and I have not taken the time to use it much. Not only did I decide to use it exclusively, I decide to rent a zoom lens for the week as well.
Here are some of the photos I got with a 300mm prime lens. They are amazing!
Just think what I might have gotten if I really knew what I was doing???

Just outside my kitchen window, at the cabin, this beautiful Columbine is growing. It just came up on it's own. I think a 'little birdie' must have planted it for me.

This little Chipping Sparrow just hung around posing as I practiced.
 I watched what I believe was a 'romantic moment' for two little Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds. Shh! Don't let her know she is being watched.

The Monarchs and the Swallow Tails were enjoying the first blooms of the Lilacs for several days.