Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friends I met along the way.

I have just returned from an extended vacation...actually my personal 'retirement party' for me!
I left Garden City August 2,driving to Crescent City, California to spend three months with my Dad, who was 89 yrs old on July 20. I left Crescent City on Oct 1 , arriving home on Oct 19th.
Along the way, I visited old school friends(we are all 'older' now) and family.
I think some of them would object to my posting their photos on the web, so I'll use some photos from some 'friends' I know won't object. Hope I can remember their names and where I met them. Enjoy!
One of the Yellow Legs family, not sure if Lesser or Greater.

I loved watching the Stellar Jays in Dad's yard

Somewhere near Lakeview, Oregon I saw this Northern Shoveler
,one of my favorites in the duck family.

The American White Pelican,Upper Klamath Lake, far from the ocean!!

And these were just on my first day out. I'll catch you up on some more of my 'feathered friends' on another day. God's wonders never cease!


  1. Sharon, it must have been wonderful to see these beauties! What a cool shot of the pelicans!

  2. Wonderful depth of radiant blue in that stellar day! Interesting collection of winged characters!

  3. Back again! Can't find the "Happy Abby" link you left on Camera Critters!

    Also *"stellar jay"! Oooops! Just saw that!